The area where the Nocellara del Belìce cultivar gives its very best is located in the South-West of Sicily, in the Valle de Belìce, between the towns of Castelvetrano, Campobello di Mazara, Partanna, Santa Ninfa, Poggioreale and Salaparuta.
The predominantly flat landscape is marked by a gentle gradient extending to the sea and the altitude never reaches beyond 350 m above sea level. The climate is typically Mediterranean, giving a warm average of 18° Celsius (64°F) with peaks of 35°Celsius (95°F) in Summer; in addition, soft winds from South coast flow across the whole valley, keeping the air pure and clear.
From a pedologic (soil science) perspective, several factors, like the microclimate, terrain morphology, bedrock and the age of cultivations, influence the identity of the product, making it truly one of a kind. The various soils and the red earth, rich in iron and phosphorus but low in nitrogen, are perfectly balanced for the production of an intense and perfumed  “olio extra vergine d’oliva” (extra virgin olive oil).