Spreading Sicilian excellence to the world while promoting the authentic and traditional culture of “Sicilianity”, regional expression of “Made in Italy”, while also seeing the future as a moment of renaissance and opportunity.


Spreading across the globe the most intimate essence of our land, a product we make in and of Italy: the superior quality extra virgin olive oil produced from the ancient Italian cultivar “Nocellara del Belìce”.


Quoted in the Alessandro Manzoni’s masterpiece “The Bethroded”, Carlo D’Aragona Tagliavia, born in our same city (Castelvetrano, Sicily) in the second half of the XVI century, was a general and Italian prince while being one of the most powerful men in the whole Spanish kingdom.
For his ability to climb the social ladder, redeeming himself from his provincial origins, and in the light of his political successes, he was considered to be a true self-made man. For this he was granted the appellative impressed in history: “Magnus Siculus” (The Great Sicilian).


Our logo draws inspiration from the “Triskelion”, an ancient symbol, consisting of three legs, spirals or arms. Its origin is still unknown, but it first appears on Persian coins dated to 500 BCE.
Over the course of the time this symbol was used by Greeks, Romans, and even Vikings, with many interpretations having been given to the three extensions: “Earth, Water and Air” for some, while others link it to the three expressions of human essence, “Action, Emotion and Will”, or even “the Past, the Present and the Future”.
The significance of this icon can be sought in its name: “Triskeles” in ancient Greek means “three headlands” and “Triquetra” in Latin means “three vertices”.