Sicily is a landscape of incredible beauty and complexity. Full of sweetness, but always with a bitter note behind it.
Captivating yet frustrating.
It’s Christmas. The same large family gatherings with the same old conversations. Four young souls, two pairs of brothers—friends from before they can recall—find themselves united by the warmth of a fireplace and the conviction that Sicily is just a shadow of what could be.
That conviction, which persisted through other tables, ripened and became reality. It was the seed from which the “Magnus Siculus” tree would spring.

The team


Manager and Co-Founder of Magnus Siculus

Reliable, Prudent, Meticulous
Lawyer. Business experience—in both the corporate world and the olive field—is merged with judgment and perseverance: a winning formula that allows him to take the lead when it comes to the administrative side of the project.


Magnus Siculus Co-founder

Impetuous, Ambitious, Positive
Master in Marketing & Communication. A well-spring of exuberant creativity. He sees avenues of opportunity where others see just a dead end. When it comes to IT and communication he’s the man.


Magnus Siculus Co-founder

Diplomatic, Pragmatic, Versatile
Law degree, born in 1993. When working in the countryside he is called “The Lawyer”, but in the academic circles his nickname is “Lu Viddranu”. (The peasant)
Passionate about politics and motorcycles, he’s “the hero of two worlds”: he is in charge of the tricky selection of the most exquisite Nocellara del Belìce for every annual harvest as well as the management of sales department.


Magnus Siculus Co-founder

Precise, Eclectic, Resolute
Although he carries fewer springs upon his shoulders, his ideas are clear sighted and mature. He was born in the area of Trapani and by necessity brought over the Trentino’s Alpes; there he seeks answers to his questions, but he finds only a lot of food and the archetype of efficiency. Curious about everything, he takes care of the archives and the Enterprise Resource Planning.