Magnus Siculus is an extra virgin olive oil (E.V.O) obtained from the pressing of the Nocellara del Belìce, a famous and esteemed P.D.O. cultivar from the namesake valley. It typically has a yellow to intense green appearance and a very low acidity.
It has a medium to intense fruitiness and the typical fragrant notes of green tomatoes, almonds, artichokes and herbs.
The taste is bitter, slightly pungent and spicy, followed by a sweet note, reflecting the duality and complexity of the land and culture of Sicily.
Being an extra virgin olive oil, Magnus Siculus, besides providing nutritional values, can also be considered as a “nutraceutical”: as a matter of fact, it is a naturally therapeutic food thanks to his acknowledged beneficial properties.
The richness in polyphenols and vitamin E, besides favouring the lipids metabolism, makes our oil an effective antioxidant. Moreover, the presence of monounsaturated fatty acid helps regulate the level of cholesterol in the blood. Last but not least the presence of oleocanthal, which characterizes the product for its spiciness, is known for having anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects.


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